NightSky - Add a star to your patio

NightSky - Add a star to your patio

The perfectly chosen name NightSky really does reflect this new plant's flowers. Bred by Antonio Capo of Selecta Italia and the winner of FleuroStar 2015 this Trailing Petunia is certain to be top seller in 2016.

Fleurostar winner

The white spots on the dark violet flowers look like an ever-changing star constellation in the night sky. This plant is sure to attract attention in the garden centre plantarea, patios and balconies.

We are growing it this year in 10.5cm pots and 13cm pots. It is important that flowers are showing at sale so we will aim for plenty of colour.

It is suitable for hanging baskets and patio containers just like other trailing petunia. It is perfect as a stand alone plant or will add a touch of sparkle to any mixed planter.

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